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North America

A Delightful Confluence of Ethnicities and Entertainment Opportunities

Fast Facts

Area: 24,709,000 square kilometer
Largest Country: Canada
Smallest Country: Grenada
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French, a little German, and other minor languages
Currency: US Dollar; Canadian Dollar
Time Zone: UTC to UTC -10:00
Religion: Predominantly Christianity
Climate: Varied climate depending upon location, as Florida is hot and sticky while Canadian winter are ruthless
Population Density: 21.2 per square kilometer - SOL - Die Weltraumputze North America is a land of myriad opportunities with diverse races and multifaceted avenues of entertainment and relaxation. Be it the most developed country and the economic giant i.e., United States of America, or the cultural confluence as one can witness in Canada, North America has a lot in store to its global visitor.

The scintillating New York City, the Big Apple beckons each, once in their lifetime while the dazzling city of Las Vegas is every gambler's Mecca and shopper's haven. Lying on the Earth's Northern and Western hemisphere, North America is the third largest continent. Travel to North America is fairly safe and Americans being friendly, and well mannered and polite a holiday tour to this land can leave you with unforgettable moments of many great experiences. Obtaining travelers visas is also hassle free, but ensure visa issues as soon as you draw a sketch of North American Tour. Traveling around this gargantuan continent is not difficult but also very safe.

History - Pyramid of the Wizard The early inhabitants of North America is still a subject of greater study and research as there exist several theories of origin of life in the lands of North America before the arrival of the Europeans. It is said that the first signs of settled life and farming was seen in the southwest of America and subsequently in the Mississippi River basin that further did spread along the coast. There was growth of several native groups that lay dotted all across the continent resulting in changing cultures and traditions. It was in the southern part that the cultural progression took place in North America during its early years. The Mayan culture was predominant with its writing style and pyramids; however, Mayan culture remained until the Spanish came in to the Central American region. Subsequently, there was a decline in the population of Native Americans due to large-scale epidemic with the coming of the Europeans. As a result of this, transformation seem to happen to the present day emerging of North America.

Geography - This is worth a postcard... North America is connected with South America only through the Isthmus of Panama or what is otherwise popular the great Panama Canal. The continent has irregular coastline with large water bodies and several islands. Some of the large water bodies being the Hudson Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California and Gulf of Saint Lawrence. This large continent has diverse landscape and can be divided into major zones such as the Coastal plains, Appalachian Highlands, Interior plains, Interior Highlands, Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. The inland water system in North America is extensive and excellent with varied climatic condition with topography ranging from tropical rain forests to savanna plains with deserts to grasslands.


A tour of North America is a dream travel for a majority of holiday travelers and hitchhikers, as this piece of land reflects multi-cultural living amidst world's most developed economies. The dreamy images and relaxed living of Hawaii islands and the bustling modern cosmopolitan city of New York cannot fade away from a visitor’s memories so soon. - Beach Take enough time in your North American itinerary to spend time in Mexico. Because this land has a lot to explore from vagaries of landscape filled with snow-capped mountain ranges to regions of volcanoes to lonesome vastly stretched beaches. It’s not only the splendid natural beauty that attracts millions of tourists all the year round but it showcases glimpses of its historical past in the form of archaeological ruins and colonial living.

Being a traveler's paradise one cannot afford to miss the opportunity of visiting and staying in Mexico as it embodies a perfect blend of medieval and the modern times.

Make a visit to Canada! It is the infusion of French and British culture with Americanism in Canada that is worth experiencing. The thriving and vibrant multicultural society has some great popular places to offer to its visitors including Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, these are also the gateway cities of Canada. World famous Niagara Falls is a treat to watch and if you happen to visit Canada, include a visit to one of the greatest natural wonders. - Morning in Ottawa Canada also boasts of some attractive beaches that make it an ideal beach resort destination. The 11 miles of beachfront of Vancouver is pretty cool for diverse water sports. You may also include Toronto as the city has great city life and shopping facilities. Montreal is a hodgepodge of cultural ethos while the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are places famous for hiking and trekking opportunities apart from its rustic villages. British Columbia draws people of all ages for its exotic wildlife. Several sports are possible such as kayaking, rafting and hiking. - View from Rockefeller-Center However, it is USA, the global super power that flashes in the minds of all with the monument of Statue of Liberty, diverse culture, innovative ideas and urban living. The country has some renowned museums such as Rock & Roll hall of fame, Smithsonian Institute, Getty Center Historic Voodoo Museum, Bethune Council House and Ana Costia Museum. The country also boasts of several national parks such as the Central park and Death Valley National Park. Some of the popular places of USA are San Francisco famous for its wonderful food, Washington DC the hot seat of White House and place buzzes with museums, old relics and monuments, Napa valley the one stop destination for outdoor enthusiasts and the famous Miami for its virgin beaches. USA simply has all from awe-inspiring landscape to bustling metropolis with dazzling nightlife. Children enjoy the Disney Parks in Florida and California. Spend a day watching the beautiful Niagara Falls. A visit to the Hollywood studios is also a must in every North American itinerary and it casts a spell of magic on everyone. - The Golden Gate Bridge 2 It is at North America, that you can marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, enjoy the fountains at Bellagio, can take a river walk in San Antonio during a fiesta, stare at rare marine creatures or catch a glimpse of shark and put your hands on a dolphin's fin at the famous Sea World Natural park in San Diego while it is the Henry Doorly Zoo, world's largest artificial jungle and the best Family vacation spot in US. But before you finish off your tour of North America, the must visit place is the Grand Canyon. One can take an exhilarating helicopter ride from Las Vegas Airport and enjoy a 45-minute tour of this magnificent topography of North America.

Then, it is the Mexico in North America that woos a large number of tourists with its cool towns, Mayan rich culture and rugged natural beauty. It has several pristine beaches amidst the ruins of Aztec civilization. Mexico is also dubbed as ideal honeymoon destination for many. The highest waterfall in Mexico is Cascada De Basaseachi, and you can enjoy its beauty the most if you can plan your tour during the rainy season.

You may want to go hiking into the several mountain trails and explore untamed beauty or unwind and relax in the best resort town of Mexico, that is, Acapulco. You simply cannot get bored here as you can spend time sightseeing museums, caves, parks and gardens. You can also head straight to the Mexico's most populous island Isla Cozumel. It’s a worth visiting place with exotic coral reefs, more famous as a scuba diving destination for diving lovers. However, the magnet of Mexico is the historic Mexico City that breathes air of striking contrasts and draws a large number of tourists every year.

Nightlife - Bellagio Hotel Resort with dancing fountains Americans are fun lovers basically, thus there is no end to entertainment in this place. Nightlife is at its best and is synonymous with the dazzling casino city of Las Vegas and glitzy laser shows of New York. Canada too is second to none buzzing with magnificent clubs, dance floors, restaurants and bars in all its cities of Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

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